Bill Counter LD-700

Vacuum Spindle Counter




Bill Counter รุ่น LD-700
  • นับได้รวดเร็ว ป้อนธนบัตรระบบลมดูดแบบตั้งโต๊ะ
  • ตรวจธนบัตรปลอมอัตโนมัติระหว่างนับด้วยระบบ  UV
  • ฝาปิด/เปิดช่องรับธนบัตรอัตโนมัติ เมื่อต้องการตรวจธนบัตร ป้องกันฝุ่นจากธนบัตรและลดเสียง
  • มีส่วนปิดป้องกันระบบภายใน เพื่อยืดอายุการทำงาน


Bill Counter รุ่น LD-700


Bill counter

LD-700 Vacuum/Spindle Banknote Counter is a kind of precision machine used to count
the banknote quickly.It is suit for the bank and commercial department to count
the banknotes, and it also can count the tickets and papers similar to the banknotes.
This machine has many action patterns and complete functions. This machine uses
small axis connecting pneumatic pump, running stably, low noise and counting exactly,
using LCD big screen and the words are clear. The whole machine has new and nice figure.


High speed: counting speed 100sheet/4sec.
No unpack: count without unpack paper belt.
Simple operation: after placing notes, the machine can count and return the original place
Dustproof: dustproof shutter and inner dust absorption set to get clean work
Reminder: when checking note wrongly, the machine pilot lamp light and alarm,
note clamp can not open.
Highly reliability: the machine uses CPU control circuit to
get highly reliability.


Loading capacity: 200 sheets
Counting speed: 100 sheets/4sec
Banknote dimensions: width 45-100mm length 100-240mm
Display: LCD big screen
Power supply: AC220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz
Net weight34kg


Free counting function: after counted any number of banknotes, the note clamp
plate opens automatically. 
Check function: to check whether the number of
banknotes is 100 sheets. If it is not 100 sheets, the machine will give a warning and
the note clamp plate does not open. 
Batch function: the machine can batch to count note,
reach initialize number, the note clamp does not open.

Batch accumulation: the amount for several times initialize number.
Accumulation function: the accumulator can accumulate and display automatically.
Recount accumulation: the amount for 100 sheet several times
UST proof and reduce noise function: when use this function,
the automatic shutter will close to separate counted money from outside,
that can prevent from dust and reduce noise. It can provide good and
health condition for operators.
Detect function: the UV light checking system can
distinguish counterfeit, which have fluorescent reflection to UV light and
stop the machine with warning. The system provides eight sensitivity selections.

Stamp: can add stamp “OK” on paper belt.
External display: can display number on external window, customer can see it.

Special requirements from users on exterior appearance color and
power supply can be satisfied.